Orc Quest: 2017 May

This month was a blast! Got a new cool cup to satisfy my endless coffee addiction and it is finally getting warm around here. And I played a lot of board games, yes, me likey.

Now, about Orc Quest. This month implemented something I have wanted to do for a long time, new skill panel. Ah yees! 
Also cleared up text log a lot. Loot button and hunting button clogged up the text log and story elements got lost in progress. And I did something I have not done before, my own Sound Controller. This was surprisingly  easy to implement.

This month change log:
*New skill/camp panel. Every upgrade can be improved.
*Implemented loot rarity levels and now common, uncommon and rare loot can drop from different enemies.
*Clearing all the dungeons on the first map, unlocks new spooky cave map.
*Resource gain bars-related to wrk wrk panel.
*Sounds for hunting and goblin trap
*Improved loot visuals, little bit
*Cleared up return to camp panel
*Refractoring, ohh so much code refactoring. (the code is still kind of a mess, but iz better now)
*Hundreds of small fixes and tweaks (UI scaling, button locations, etc.)

So, let me know, how did you like this update. 

Orc orc ORc!


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Jun 02, 2017

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